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Welcome to the Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel at the University of Maryland. We have tried to reflect our work and our enthusiasm for low speed aerodynamics. We are engaged in research, development, and education activities with applications spanning many areas including work on airplanes, automobiles, yacht keels & sails, and submarines.


Why wind tunnels still matter in the 21st century
(Fox News Sunday)

Blown Away: UMD Highlights Work in the Wind Tunnel

An advanced design fighter model for study

Learn More about GLMWT Facilities

The fan at the Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel, powered by a 2,000-horsepower electric motor, reaches speeds up to 230 m.p.h. ... More

Before and after image of the drive section.  

GLMWT Undergoes Renovations

After 60 years as one of the premier low-speed wind tunnel testing facilities, the Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel has begun a transformation process...More



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