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The Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel laboratory conducts experimental research and development across a broad range of application areas. The highly experienced and capable GLMWT staff and student employees conduct experiments and analyses to support design of flight vehicles, marine vehicles, ground vehicles, structures exposed to wind and hydrodynamic forces, and a considerable number of unusual studies.

An example of an unusual project is an investigation of the effect of attached radio transmitters on the ability of migratory birds to complete their standard annual travel.

"The GLMWT is the most advanced laboratory of its kind on a university campus in the United States."

Its instrumentation and systems are maintained at state of the art levels as required for product design support experiments. Advanced systems such as pressure sensitive paint are developed or implemented when they have reached a status that makes them productive in design support studies.

The GLMWT laboratory is very active in the field of automobile aerodynamics. It has been the primary site for model scale development studies of Ford Motor Company for several decades.

"The GLMWT is the most experienced American laboratory in studies of sailboat keels and certain classes of sailing rigs."

A development undertaken in 2001 is a system for evaluating the performance of cascades used in thrust reversers on commercial jet aircraft.



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