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The tunnel staff has conducted more than 1800 experiments and projects involving more than 65,000 hours of tunnel time and a very broad range of applications:

Conventional Airplanes


  • Jet fighters
  • Jet transports
  • General aviation airplanes
  • Jet trainers
  • Flying boats
  • Ultra-light airplanes

Surface Ships

  • Aircraft Carriers
  • Surface effect ships
  • Battleships
  • Sailboat keels, hulls, and sail sections (extensive work on America Cup designs including the wind tunnel tests for the winning designs of America3 Foundation in the 1992 competition and the innovative canard configurations of the San Francisco Challenge Group in the 1987 competition)
  • Liquefied Natural Gas tanker fume dispersal studies
Unmanned Air Vehicles
  • modelObservation vehicles
  • Lifting re-entry bodies
  • Decoy vehicles
  • Various deployable wing designs
  • Cruise missiles
  • Numerous radar antennas
  • Various for receiving satellite signals, conventional television, radio telescopes, etc.
  • Radomes
Vertical Takeoff Aircraft
  • Helicopters, tandem & single rotor configurations
  • Jet VTOL
  • Tilt wing
  • Fuselage and component drag buildup
  • Rotor research, aerodynamic and stability studies
  • Interactional aerodynamic studies
  • Acoustic emission tests
Buildings and Other Structures
  • Apartment buildings
  • Hotel complexes
  • Sculptures (Baltimore Inner Harbor)
  • Bridge sections
  • Telephone and power lines
  • Roofing systems
  • Control plane gap and planform studies
  • Propeller acoustic studies
  • Interference drag studies
  • Configuration buildup studies for drag and controllability

duckMigratory Birds

(determine effect of transmitters on flight range for U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)

Ground Vehicles

carblue car

  • Automobiles (almost all of Ford Motor Company's model scale work for more than two decades, plus others)
  • Pride of Maryland solar powered car and SunRayce 93 development
    Trucks (beginning in 1953 with a definitive series and continuing)
  • Land speed record car (Blue Flame)
  • LeMans 24-hour winning designs
    (Ford GT-40's)
  • Air cushion vehicles
  • Railroad cars
  • Locomotives

Military Ejection Seats and Helmets


Garbage Cans

Athletic Equipment (determine best design or practice for training and competition)

Basic Flow Investigations

  • Studies of wind tunnel wall corrections
  • Studies of effect of wall jets on simulation of moving ground boundary conditions
  • Studies of influence of turbulence on body aerodynamic forces

Turbofan Thrust Reverser Studies


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