• Test Section: 7.75 ft. High, 11.04 ft. Wide with corner fillets. Test section area is 85.04 sq.ft.
  • Atmospheric Operating Conditions
  • Speed Range: Up to 230 mph
    • Mach Number: Up to 0.3
  • Turbulence
    • Sphere test turbulence factor: 1.05.
    • Hot wire measured intensity: 0.21%
  • External Balance: Six component yoke type balance
    • Equipped to handle sting mount internal balances
  • Floor Boundary Layer Control system: ~1/8" displacement thickness at center of test section
  • Full suite of data acquisition
  • Model motion control in pitch and yaw axis

The GLMWT features a yoke design external balance. This balance structure has several advantages:

  • Leaves a large volume directly below the center of the test section that is not occupied by balance structure.
  • Allows large subfloor systems to be part of model installations without impinging into the airstream, and without negative effects on the force and moment measurements.

Six component ranges and resolutions:

Component Range Resolution
Lift (lbf) +- 5000 0.05
Drag (lbf) -200 to + 500 0.01
Pitch (ft-lbf) +-1000 0.02
Yaw (ft-lbf) +-1000 0.02
Roll (ft-lbf) +-1000 0.02
Side (lbf) +-1000 0.02

GLMWT is also equipped to handle internal strain gauge balances via a sting mount systems.

GLMWT provides standard mounting configurations to our external balance. Custom mounting solutions are frequently designed to accommodate most applications. Some standard mounting configurations are below:

  • Aircraft and Marine Applications
    • Single, two, and three strut systems
    • Post-sting mount system
  • Ground Vehicles
    • Boundary layer removal system is built into the floor with pads carrying through to the external balance. Wheel base and wheel tread are adjustable using eccentric circle arrangement. Please inquire for minimum and maximum wheelbase and tread.
    • Additional floors are available for custom ground vehicle mounting arrangements.
  • External balance extension system allows for floor to ceiling or wall to wall model mounting.
  • Model alignment and positioning feedback is achieved via high resolution encoders, inertial measurement units, and optically via infrared motion capture cameras.

GLMWT features a full fleet of data acquisition hardware and software. Some general specifications are outlined below:

  • Custom designed data acquisition software with real-time display
    • Customizable software modules available on a per test basis
  • Primary analog/digital acquisition performed with NI PXIe-1082 chassis
    • Analog Input - 36 channels
    • Digital Input/Output - 72 channels
    • Analog Output - 2 channels
    • 5 empty slots allow quick system expansion to accommodate most data acquisition needs
  • Measurement Specialties Pressure Systems
    • Optimus System - 384 channels immediately, configurable up to 2048 channels
    • NetScanner 9116 - 16 channels